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In the early stages of the Covid-19 pandemic & with non-essential businesses closed, Brooke, Courtney & Jessie found themselves displaced from the world of food, beverage and live events in which they had spent their entire careers.

They did what event planners do: stop, assess and PIVOT.

Like so many others stuck at home with nowhere to go, they turned to baking an absurd amount of the time, brushing up on nearly-forgotten skills (or let’s face it: learning a new one). In the absence of Spring Break theme park trips down the road with the littles & summertime family vacations, B.Fly Bread by Pink Lady was born. 

So, skip the trip and get some of that Gooey-Cinna-Goodness… that sticky-stretchy, pull-apart cinnamon bread YOU’VE been craving. It’s such Good Stuff, we just can’t keep it to ourselves any longer!

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