A true local favorite, this cinnamon bread tops them all! Our take on pull-apart bread comes hot and ready, or you can order pre-proofed take & bake...basically, any way you want it! 

We also do mega-loaves to serve your crowd. Pleasing to both the tummy and the eyes, butterfly bread is always a huge hit with guests and clients alike.

We serve this awesome treat with one 2oz cup of sticky sweet white frosting, and one 2oz cup of homemade apple dipper per loaf.  We also sell the dips in know, I dip, you dip, we dip. 



Cake, on the Go!

Our GoCakes are perfect for a lot of reasons, but mostly because everyone knows that the calories you consume while walking don’t count, right? RIGHT.

These lusciously layered, goodies-on-the-go are great for any occasion, or for no specific occasion at all! (pretty sure it’s cake-thirty somewhere) Available in plenty of festive flavors and colors, GoCakes are just fun to eat and you never need a plate or fork. Bonus! We can even brand these just for your company, party, school...fully customizable!

Never again be forced to choose between making it to that important meeting and feeding the need for a piece of cake. GoCakes have that covered! When the question is, “Will I have enough time for cake?!”, GoCakes are always the answer.



Fizz hazz no rulezz.

Fizz is the perfect amount of sweet with a little bit of tart and its light, effervescent sizzle on your tongue will just make your ‘buds buzz with happiness!

Enjoy Fizz on its own or crushed and sprinkled on some ice cream, even drop a piece or two in a glass of champers for a few extra bubbles and a hint of added sweetness! We have a lot of fun trying new and different Fizz mash-ups and we’re pretty sure you will, too.

We offer fully custom flavors and sizes on this item,, it's always a fun fit! Remember, when it comes to Fizz, there is no rule against playing with your food!